Company Culture

Family Culture

Nobleo Manufacturing is a company with a family culture and passionate, entrepreneurial employees. Our tradition holds a yearly family day with partners and kids, winter sport with colleagues and other social events. We celebrated our 5th anniversary with a 3-day summer trip to Valencia. You will meet colleagues regularly in our informal pizza sessions and formal office meetings. All of this in a transparent organisation where it is easy to find and meet colleagues with the knowledge you were searching for.

Sharing knowledge

Sharing knowledge with your colleagues is another important value for Nobleo Manufacturing, because knowledge and experience in all kind of industries are the foundation of our technical services. Our seniors are motivated to share their extensive experience with junior engineers as well as they like to be challenged by good questions from these same junior engineers. With a buddy system, competence teams and our internal training we share our knowledge and simultaneously work on innovation, project management, process optimization and systems engineering.