Pizza Meeting 28 February

On a regular basis Nobleo Manufacturing arranges Pizza meetings. Yesterday the majority of our population traveled to the Petrakerk to enjoy the gathering again. As usual we started with delicious food and socializing with the colleagues that are often working at multiple customers.

After the introduction given by our chef-de-mission Jos, the official certificates of de LSS Green Belt exam were awarded. The trainer himself, Peter Lemke, proudly volunteered to do this. Congratulations to all the 8 graduates.

Next Vincent unveiled the destination of our next business trip: HAMBURG. With a rough sketch of the 3 day program and lot of pictures the excitement started to grow. A factory visit at Volkswagen, a bicycle tour through the harbor, fish markets and a whole city to explore and enjoy. It will be a long 12 weeks before we go.

Berend gave an impression of the look and feel of our newly designed website. It is still a work in process but shall be live soon. His enthusiasm was catching and we can't wait for the launch.

Special item of the evening was the commercial awareness training. With guidance of an external professional we participated through an interactive app on different topics and started open discussions, tips and examples from the real world. Rewarded with positive feedback some of us stayed a little bit longer to socialize. They even had to run out of the building to avoid the alarm system to go off.

Good vibes!